To whom it may concern—

    My name is John S. Rutherford, and I have known Frances Seward and her family for almost fifty years. In that time , I have never found Frances to be anything other than honest and truthful in her dealings with me.
Frances became a Realtor in 1983, and has excelled to the extent that she has been part and parcel in the purchase and selling of hundreds and hundreds of properties since that time, my own house being one of them.
     There is a reason for this success, Frances gives her clients prompt service and provides much of her time in helping helping them find exactly what they need , where they need it, and how much they want to pay for it.
In my case , my wife Lyn and myself were coming from far out of the area. We did not have the luxury of being close at hand to look for a home. Frances took over the task of doing this and eliminated much travel time and expense for us.
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